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526- Stop The Easter Musical, I Want To Get Off!

June 28, 2022

I have a question about Matthew 10:39. What does it mean to “lose your life”? Like, what am I supposed to be giving up? (24:46-39:07)


I feel like decisions at my church are all made by committee. But not like, a defined committee, just kind of waiting for group consensus. This seems really inefficient to me. Am I wrong to not like this? Can I bring it up and try to fix it? (39:11-49:11)


I am going to a new church. I really like it. It is very welcoming and accepting, which is different than the church I grew up in. I am nervous to talk to my family about it. They aren’t like super-conservative, but I’m worried they will feel like I am rejecting something about them. Does that make sense? How do I prepare for that conversation? (49:15-1:02:45)

Closing Song: Come Thou Fount (Southern Harmonic)

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