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470- The Church Of The Expendables

470- The Church Of The Expendables

May 26, 2021

I struggle with grief and loss. What is the healthy way to grieve? (14:08-29:43)

There are a lot of rules in my life. How do I deal with my impatience for a time when I can really get to live my life? (29:47-44:25)

I have been reading about gnostic gospels and how the people who chose the biblical canon intentionally reduced women's voices. That resonated with my experiences of misogyny in church. Is there anything to it? (44:30-1:05:12)

Closing Song: Everlasting (Deacons Division)

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469- Osteens Wild

469- Osteens Wild

May 19, 2021

I have a relative who needs help but clearly doesn't want it from me. How can I help? (13:11-29:30)

I left the faith I grew up in and have encountered some ideas and experiences that freak me out since. I don't know what to think. (29:36-46:21)

I made changes and life got better. But now I need to make another set of changes and I am worried that will unsettle my life. How do I know which changes are good? (46:24-1:00:28)

Closing Song: Jesus Loves Me (The Bridge Loud ft Harley Smalley)

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Bonus- Full Interview with Vicar Derek Kubilus
468-Dominion Surprise Counseling (With Vicar Derek Kubilus of Cross Over Q)

468-Dominion Surprise Counseling (With Vicar Derek Kubilus of Cross Over Q)

May 12, 2021

I have been alone most of my life and have started getting to know people. But when they don't have time for me, I feel like acting out or spouting negativity. What should I do? (18:12-32:16)

Matt talks with Vicar Derek Kubilus from the Cross Over Q podcast about QAnon, its effects on christian communities, and how Christians and church leaders can help people caught up in it. (33:23-48:00)

I have big dreams and thinking about them brings me joy, but I am worried that they might be bad for me or ungodly. How do I know what's going on? (48:57-1:03:44)

Closing Song: Come Ye Disconsolate (Eric Peters)

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467- That All Of Them May Be One

467- That All Of Them May Be One

May 5, 2021

*Note* We have a few audio hiccups in the intro. Everything is back to normal about 2 minutes in.

I recently heard someone say the church should reject Critical Race Theory because it is "divisive". What do you guys think? (17:23-33:34)

In 1 Peter 5, it talks about suffering. But Christians seem to glorify and wallow in suffering. How should we see suffering? (33:38-50:04)

We discuss the article- Four Defining Moments for Young Marriages (50:13-1:07:13)

Closing Song: Just As I Am (The Bridge Loud)

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