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466- Florida Man Has Boat Full Of Animal Couples

466- Florida Man Has Boat Full Of Animal Couples

April 28, 2021

I am having impure thoughts overtime. I do good, but I feel like I am condemning myself. (12:43-30:12)

You guys talk about not owing anyone an argument. Is there a caveat in there for calling people out for acting like jerks? (30:20-49:22)

When someone turns down my help or advice I feel worthless. How do I process that? (49:27-1:03:56)

Closing Song: Micah 6:8 (The Poolhouse Guru)

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465- Luxury Bible Experience

465- Luxury Bible Experience

April 21, 2021

I had a tough conversation with someone. It went pretty well, but I don't think it ends with us being like best friends. It feels weird. Is that okay? (15:58-30:34)

I am struggling with loneliness. How can I deal with this? (30:42-45:37)

I have a problem with anger. I don't realize I am angry until it's too far along. What can I do? (45:47-1:04:52)

Closing Song: It Is Well (Pete and Tasha Lawson)

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Yahoo Finance Article about $300 Bible

464- PTLCK

464- PTLCK

April 14, 2021

I had a bad experience with ministry leadership. How do I approach a new opportunity? (13:17-31:39)

I want a divorce. I know I shouldn't want that, but I do. What do I do? (31:46-54:13)

How do I keep patience going? (54:16-1:08:36)

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463- The Glenslinger

463- The Glenslinger

April 7, 2021

I know Jesus doesn't condemn me for my past, but it is really easy to judge myself for it. How do I stop that? (16:19-31:56)

Every morning I wake up and am immediately mad at the world. What does God want me to do? (32:01-49:50)

As the world starts to reopen, how should we pace ourselves with social engagements and deal with things like a desire to cancel plans? (49:54-1:05:52)

Closing Song: I Must Tell Jesus

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The Gunslinger Part 1:

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