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Episode 397

Episode 397

December 25, 2019

How do I stay motivated when I have just come through a dark period? (13:22-30:39)

What does "spiritual warfare" actually mean and how do you do it? (30:44-54:48)

What was your ministry highlight of 2019? (54:51-1:13:19)

Closing Song: I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day (Lee Younger)

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Episode 396

Episode 396

December 18, 2019

What am I supposed to think and feel when someone close to me is making bad decisions? (15:49-35:43)

I feel like I'm frustrated all the time and choking on negativity. Can I get away from that? (35:46-52:55)

How do I get past caring too much what people think about me? (52:59-1:11:56)

Closing Song: Come Down (Zach Hughes and Lee Younger)

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Advent Special (with Jonathan Butler)

Advent Special (with Jonathan Butler)

December 11, 2019

The Bridge Christmas Album is out now!

Us Who Have No Joy (ft Haley Conner)

Glen Fitzjerrell- Keeping It Real Christmas (8:10)

O Holy Night (The Poolhouse Guru)

Matt chats with musician Jonathan Butler about his album "Christmas Together" and his work with young people in South Africa (24:20)

Chapter 1 of Lee's Advent Audio Devotional "Promise" (41:49)

O Come O Come Emmanuel (The Bridge Loud)

Episode 395

Episode 395

December 4, 2019

How do actually be humble? (16:16-33:49)

I am doing my best to make changes, but I feel like people are still looking down on me. What do I do? (33:52-55:48)

I feel like I end up repeating the same patterns. How do I break out of that? (55:52-1:14:10)

Closing Song: Angels We Have Heard On High (The Poolhouse Guru)

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