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Episode 349

Episode 349

December 26, 2018

What is church partnership/membership about? (15:57-35:56)

I am new to Christianity, and I sometimes doubt if I can pull it off. What do I do? (36:00-51:56)

My pastor talked about "millennial mindset" and "spiritual drift" of people switching churches. Is that a thing? (52:02-1:11:11)

Closing Song: Bigger Than My Fears (Jed Brewer) 

Amazing Claymation video we reference in the emergency:

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Episode 348

Episode 348

December 19, 2018

I am really mad at someone for something they did to a friend of mine. There's nothing I can really do, so how do I work through the feelings of anger? (14:34-27:24)

How do I deal with family drama without making things worse? (27:27-41:39)

I followed your advice and let a guy know that if he asked me out, I would say yes. He reacted really weirdly. Did I do something wrong? (41:42-1:02:03)

Closing Song: I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day (Lee Younger)

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Episode 347

Episode 347

December 12, 2018

You guys talk about Christianity as something you do as opposed to something you learn. Can you break that down? (18:03-37:15)

What's the deal with rebuking? (37:20-56:51)

Is impatience a sin? (56:55-1:10:52)

Closing Song: Away In A Manger (The Bridge Loud ft. Lins Honeyman)

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The 2018 SayThat Holiday Spectacular!

The 2018 SayThat Holiday Spectacular!

December 5, 2018

We see if we can extend the gripesgiving spirit to the Christmas season. Then:

A piece from our friend Ryan Wendt about his experience in starting to do prison ministry. (17:52-23:53)

We revisit a question from episode 149 about surviving the holidays as a single person. (24:03-36:36)

A question from episode 224 about enforcing boundaries with family. (36:43-53:50)

A Christmas meditation about waiting. (53:58-1:05:13)

Closing Song: Nations That Long In Darkness Walked (Christy Younger)

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