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Episode 337

Episode 337

September 26, 2018

I know I shouldn't judge, but it is a really natural impulse. What do I do about that? (15:21-29:21)

How can I deal with legalistic people, especially online? (29:25-48:17)

What scriptures can I look to about forgiving myself? (48:22-1:02:36)

Closing Song: Changing Me (Lee Younger)

Episode 336

Episode 336

September 19, 2018

What does "You aren't your sin" mean practically for believers? (16:25-34:43)

How do you get over perfectionism? (34:47-52:49)

Can you recommend some ways to get into the happen of having a devotional? (52:53-1:08:36)

Closing Song: Press On (The Poolhouse Guru)

Ask A Question:

Episode 335

Episode 335

September 12, 2018

What does Ephesians 5:21 mean by "submit to one another"? (15:09-32:10)

How do I break out of a rut in my prayer life? (32:12-51:18)

I feel like no one notices when I do the right thing. Is it wrong to want that? (57:22-1:06:53)

Closing Song: It Is Well (Pete and Tasha Lawson)

Episode 334

Episode 334

September 5, 2018

What makes something gossip? (17:41-34:41)

How do I love someone when I can't respect them? (35:08-52:07)

Someone did me wrong. Should I be fighting for justice or turning the other cheek? (52:10-1:08:53)

Closing Song: Como Soy (The Bridge Español)

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