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Episode 316

Episode 316

April 25, 2018

I sometimes doubt God hears prayers. So how do I keep praying? (16:00-35:20)

When I lost my job, folks at church kept telling me things will definitely get better. Is that true? (35:25-52:42)

How do I do the daily things I need to when depression and anxiety leave me so unmotivated? (52:45-1:10:30)

Closing Song: Thank Harder (Lee Younger)

Episode 315

Episode 315

April 18, 2018

My pastor gave a sermon about money that really did not sit well with me, what do I do? (15:31-34:00)

What does 1 Corinthians 3:15 actually mean for me? (34:03-53:36)

How do I know if a pastor is someone I should follow? (54:11-1:10:29)

Closing Song: Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (The Poolhouse Guru)


Episode 314

Episode 314

April 11, 2018

My grown boyfriend still lives at home, is that a problem? (17:03-34:06)

How do you forgive someone who refuses to admit they did anything wrong? (34:13-57:00)

I told someone they were hurtful toward me, and they said I was being emotional. What do I do? (57:05-1:15:50)

Closing Song: You Have Better (Jed Brewer)

Episode 313 (with Daniel Biro of Hawk Nelson)

Episode 313 (with Daniel Biro of Hawk Nelson)

April 4, 2018

Luke 10:27 says to love your neighbor as yourself. How do I do that when I don't like myself? (14:09-27:41)

Daniel Biro joins us to talk his long career, filming a video in Iceland, and Hawk Nelson's new record "Miracles". (28:02-39:12)

I feel frustrated with where I am at and overwhelmed with all the things I need to change. What can I do? (40:07-53:47)

Closing Song: Break Of Day (Lee Younger)


Miracles from Hawk Nelson is out April 6th!


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