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Episode 256

Episode 256

February 22, 2017

My depression has come back strong. How do I combat the all the negative thoughts? (15:16-31:15)

Should people feel guilty about having more many than other folks? (31:18-48:58)

What is the difference between a personality flaw, and a relationship dealbreaker? (49:02-1:10:48)

Closing Song: My Good Is Knowing You (Jed Brewer)

Episode 255

Episode 255

February 15, 2017

I have some big decisions to make, how do I figure out what God has to say about it? (15:34-32:18)

Can divorce be a good thing? (32:23-50:59)

I am reading a Christian book that talks about some kind of weird things, how do I know if it's true or not? (51:04-1:05:22)

Closing Song: Never Alone (The Poolhouse Guru ft Johnny T)

Episode 254

Episode 254

February 8, 2017

I made some bad decisions. How do I move past the guilt I feel and start my way back towards God? (17:01-33:35)

What do you do when a mentor lets you down? (33:47-55:42)

How do you give of yourself when you don't have much money or time? (55:46-1:15:25)

Closing Song: Child of Wandering Will (Lee Younger)

Episode 253

Episode 253

February 1, 2017

My pastor said something really oddly legalistic in his sermon on Sunday. How do I respond? (16:58-34:19)

How do you know the difference between God telling you "know" and "wait"? (34:24-49:56)

What are some mistakes the guys made early in their ministry careers that they learned from? (50:12-1:10:15)

Closing Song: You Have Better (Jed Brewer)

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