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Episode 244

Episode 244

November 30, 2016

What's the point of fasting in regards to prayer? (17:43-32:22)

My pastor talks about political things that make me really uncomfortable. What do I do? (37:06-51:44)

How do I get over my insecurities about my friend being more sucessful than I am? (51:48-1:09:32)

Closing Song: "What Child Is This?" (Marc Martel ft Ron Block)

Episode 243 (with Chris Quilala)

Episode 243 (with Chris Quilala)

November 23, 2016

The Bible says God and I are like a parent and a child. What does that really mean? (16:25-28:21)

Musician and worship leader Chris Quilala joins us to talk about his work with Jesus Culture and his new record Split The Sky. (28:45-40:00)

I've been told all men cheat, and now my fear is hurting my relationship. How do I move past it? (40:32-58:55)

Closing Song: Five Sparrows (Poolhouse Guru)

Get Christ Quilala's new record Split The Sky now.

Episode 242

Episode 242

November 16, 2016

How do I deal with grief in a healthy way? (15:38-31:11)

If salvation is a free gift, what does the Bible mean when it says God forgives our sins the way we forgive other people? (31:16-50:17)

How do you draw healthy boundaries on someone who is unintentionally hurtful to you? (50:22-1:11:18)

Closing Song: Before The Throne (Fire Down)

Episode 241

Episode 241

November 9, 2016

What is the difference between "locker room talk" and just being rude? (16:18-34:38)

How can Jesus empathize with our weakness if He is perfect? (34:42-51:04)
My youth pastor calls people out and it makes me uncomfortable. How do I bring this up without making a mess of it? (51:08-1:09:20)

Closing Song: Under His Wings (Haley Conner and Zach Hughes)
Episode 240

Episode 240

November 2, 2016

How do you move on from your first love? (16:19-26:33)

What does the Bible mean when it talks about being "the bride of Christ"? (26:30-41:51)
I just found out someone close to me was sexually assaulted. How can I be a good support for them? (41:57-1:05:10)

Closing Song: Your Thoughts Are Not My Thoughts (Jed Brewer)
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