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Episode 235

Episode 235

September 28, 2016

I can either go to a church with really good preaching, but no one who is my age; or lots of people my age, but teaching I don't like as much. What should I do? (18:06-34:50)

What is the right way to interact with and/or help the homeless people I come across in my city? (34:54-52:02)
How do you keep a sustainable role in a marriage when your partner is putting so much of their energy towards treatment for mental health issues? (53:07-1:12:57)

Closing Song: Bigger Than My Fears (Haley Conner)
Episode 234

Episode 234

September 21, 2016

How do you know when you're ready to get married? (16:42-29:15)

Why do I feel so bad when I compare my life to my friends? (29:19-42:58)
How do you love someone who doesn't treat you with love? (43:13-59:58)

Closing Song: Standing On The Promises (As Yet Unnamed Superfan Band)
Episode 233 (with Zach Bolen)

Episode 233 (with Zach Bolen)

September 14, 2016

I drew a boundary with a family member and they reacted badly, did I still do the right thing? (17:51-35:17)

Interview with Zach Bolen, of Citizens and Saints, about their new record "A Mirror Dimly" and lessons from the demise of a megachurch. (36:28-54:46)
Transition song clip: Relent (Citizens and Saints)
After setting a healthy boundary with a relative, I feel some guilt about it not working out. How do I move on? (55:19-1:13:43)

Closing Song: Greater Is He (Jed Brewer)
Episode 232

Episode 232

September 7, 2016

I know that God is bigger than my problems, but how do I stop myself from still getting swept up in cares of this world? (13:07-28:17)

My pastor preached about "claiming victory." What does that actually mean? (28:20-47:56)
I don't know how to actually enjoy life with God. Where do I start? (48:00-1:02:22)

Closing Song: Come Home To Him (Poolhouse Guru ft Pastor Donald Douglas)
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