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Episode 231

Episode 231

August 31, 2016

Can you help me understand 1 Corinthians 5? (14:32-35:07)

I've been through some hard stuff, and I'm still kind of bitter at God about it. What do I do with that? (35:11-54:14)
How do I deal with family members who have hurt me and let me down? (54:18-1:13:17)

Closing Song: Not A Judge (Jed Brewer)
Episode 230 (with Chad Mattson of Unspoken)

Episode 230 (with Chad Mattson of Unspoken)

August 24, 2016

Does being an introvert make me a bad Christian? (17:05-32:18)

We talk with Chad Mattson, lead singer of Unspoken, about his story, making music that matters, and the new record: Follow Through. (32:20-47:45)
What does it actually mean to forgive others the way Jesus forgave me? (48:08-1:07:33)

Closing Song: Bigger Than My Fears (Jed Brewer)
Episode 229

Episode 229

August 17, 2016

How do I help someone who seems stuck and unmotivated? (16:29-31:25)

How do I encourage someone in doing something that is difficult, but right? (31:45-48:27)
My church taught some very messed up things about sexual attraction being evil. How do I address this so I can have a healthy relationship? (48:32-1:10:25)

Closing Song: We're All Missionaries (Lyns Honeyman ft Glenn Kaiser)
Episode 228

Episode 228

August 10, 2016

What are the characteristics and qualities of a mature man or woman of God? (20:19-38:37)

I'm starting to pursue my dream career, but I'm really scared. How do I push through the fear? (38:45-53:35)
What can an individual do to improve race relations? (54:13-1:13:56)

Closing Song: You've Made Up Your Mind (Lee Younger)
Episode 227

Episode 227

August 3, 2016

Can men and women be platonic friends when they are in relationships? (13:39-28:30)

How important is it for someone to be ready to provide financially before considering marriage? (28:35-45:26)
How do I know when I am burning out volunteering at church? (45:30-1:05:47)

Long In Darkness Walked (Christy Younger)
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