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Episode 226

Episode 226

July 26, 2016

I lashed out at my family. How do I forgive myself and make sure it doesn't happen again? (17:22-31:16)

How important is attraction to a relationship? (31:24-54:56)
Is verbal abuse a justifiable reason for divorce? (55:00-1:10:35)

Closing Song: A New Family (Jed Brewer)
Episode 225

Episode 225

July 20, 2016

What does Genesis 3:16 ("he will rule over you") mean us today? (15:44-29:04)

Any advice for meeting my significant other's parents? (29:10-44:21)
How do I know if I am being led by God? (44:25-1:00:33)

Closing Song: The One (The Rejects)
Episode 224 (with Katelyn Beaty)

Episode 224 (with Katelyn Beaty)

July 13, 2016

I have started setting boundaries with my family, and they have reacted badly. How do I keep on the right track? (15:21-32:33)

Katelyn Beaty, managing editor of Christianity Today and cofounder of their Her.meneutics blog. Her new book "A Woman's Place" joins us to talk work, feminism, and faith. (33:26-53:24)
Is being too close with a friend unhealthy, or stunting my ability to have a healthy romantic relationship? (53:46-1:08:58)

Closing Song: Be Thou My Vision (Deacon's Division featuring CW Allen)

Episode 223

Episode 223

July 6, 2016

What is a church actually supposed to do? (18:00-32:46)

The author of a popular christian dating book basically admitted he was wrong, and some of my friends who read it are freaking out. What do I do? (33:20-50:42)
How do I deal with all the anger about politics I see all around me, including my own? (50:47-1:07:25)

Closing Song: This Is My Father's World (Southern Harmonic)
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