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Episode 190

Episode 190

October 28, 2015

My parents' marriage is miserable. How do I avoid those same traps? (16:44-34:14)

I found a new church, but they want me to sign a membership covenant. What is the deal with those? (34:19-53:36)
I want to get married, but don't like the idea of "settling down." Can marriage be adventurous?
But first, a cinematic emergency! The fellas pitch: Good Pope/Bad Pope The Motion Picture. 
Episode 189

Episode 189

October 21, 2015

What does Paul mean by "flesh" and "spirit" in Romans 8? (16:25-31:26)

Is online dating not trusting God with my romantic life? (31:30-50:29)
I celebrate when my clients explore spiritual things, even if it's not Christianity, is that okay? (50:32-65:19)
Closing Song: Take My Life and Let It Be (Lee Younger)
Episode 188

Episode 188

October 14, 2015

What is the right, biblical way to do fundraising for missions? (16:55-36:39)

How do I balance using the gifts God gave me with making a living financially? (36:42-57:47)
How should I go about processing my feelings when I am angry at God for things that have happened in my life? (57:51- 68:54)
Closing Song: Pope You Like A Hurricane
Episode 187

Episode 187

October 7, 2015

Follow up question about sharing the gospel: what do you say to people who think Christians hate gay people? (17:10-28:51)

How do you keep going at work when you are struggling with depression? (28:55-44:07)
What makes for a successful support or accountability group? (44:12-58:15)
And a first date emergency!
Closing Song: Come Ye Sinners (Christy Younger)
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