Say That
Episode 157

Episode 157

February 25, 2015

How can I be generous when I am broke? (17:21-33:17)

What is the minimum amount of doctrine someone needs to believe to be a Christian? (33:22-46:00)
How do I handle the anxiety of making big life decisions? (46:03-1:05:35)
Closing Song: Cast My Cares (Pete and Tasha Lawson)
Episode 156

Episode 156

February 18, 2015

Glen is a Valentine's Day Warrior on Fire (-17:44)

What does moving on from depression and anxiety actually look like? (18:08-33:56)
What does "hanging out with Jesus" mean? (34:00-45:20)
I realize the messages I heard about "purity" when I was a teen are messed up, so how do I healthily navigate relationships? (45:24-65:48)
Closing Song: Different (Jed Brewer)
Stories From The Mission Field

Stories From The Mission Field

February 11, 2015

Glen, Jed, and Matt share hilarious, incredible, and uplifting stories from their day job working with ex-cons, recovering addicts, and gang-members in inner-city Chicago.

Episode 155

Episode 155

February 4, 2015

What does Matthew 7:21-23 actually mean for us? (17:12-34:48)

How do you help someone who is having suicidal thoughts? (34:53-50:16)
The right (and wrong) way to discuss sensitive subjects. (50:19-74:55)
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